This college was permitted to set up in August 1999 by the Ministry of Education. It is the first college of education set in the comprehensive universities in Taiwan. Now it is currently composed of seven academic units. They are Department of Adult and Continuing Education (undergraduate, Master’s and Ph. D. programs), Graduate Institute of Older Education, Department of Criminology (undergraduate, Master’s and Ph. D. programs), Graduate Institute of Education (Master’s and Ph. D. programs), Center for Teacher education (Pre-service training program for primary and secondary school teachers), Graduate Institute of Curriculum Research (Master’s and Ph. D. programs) and Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure Education.    

All the faculty under the excellent leadership of the university positively engage in various researches on educational theories and practices, teaching and popularization services. We get good proficiency, and now we own the leadership of domestic educational territory. Moreover, we are the most important educational research unit in the center and southern part of Taiwan.         


Toward Excellence— Cultivate Professional Educators There are seven academic units in our college. We will evaluate the demand of the society and the trend of educational development, then set up new departments, such as Graduate and Doctoral Institute of Higher Education, Graduate Institute of Education Leadership and National Development and Graduate Institute of Corrective Education and Counseling. They are all our main points of the next five-year development program. We will not only provide training courses on professional educators, but also professional further education. We will do our best to offer high-quality education service, and cultivate professional educators for Taiwan.    

Localization—The basement for education research and development. The main task of the college is not only to offer high-quality teaching, but extend the territory of educational research and promote the research level. Now some of the important research plans are undertaken by this college. The program which is supported by National Science Council is Seminar on Educational Renovation in Changing Society. The programs which are supported by Ministry of Education are Ethic Transformation of Education Program for Integrated School and Exploration Adult Reading Abilities and Correlative Factors for Developing and Improving the Program of Adult Materials and Teaching, and we set up Education Resource Center. All of the faculty in this college reward doctoral degree in different nations, i.e. England, America, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. In the future, we will consider the practical need in the college, and then employ more Ph. D. who graduated from domestic and abroad. By the efforts, cooperation and integrating of teachers who own various learning territories, we earnestly develop the international vision on education and continue to enhance educational research level. Moreover, under the efforts for many years, the educational development in Taiwan has performed a high level. However, we should endeavor to step up the goal of educational localization. This college enroll many excellent graduate students and candidates for doctoral degree. Under the excellent leadership, we can bring up more outstanding researchers for educational boundary in Taiwan, and promote the development of educational localization.          

Globalization—The gateway of communication with international education followed by the fast internalization, the college engages in expanding the opportunities and space for international exchange in learning domain. Except Mainland China and Southeast Asia, we are striving to open up the cooperation opportunities with developed countries in Europe and America.          

In short, we try to expand the international exchange by the following approaches:

 (1) Launch Chung-Cheng Educational Studies—It is an international publication in education. It publishes two times a year, and invites many prominent scholars who come from America, England, Germany and so on, to be our editing commissioners.

 (2) Hold international seminars.

 (3) Establish the international cooperation relationship with many external institutes.

 (4) Invite famous scholars to make speeches.          

We hope we can keep on cooperating with international learning units and promoting the international exchanges more often and smoothly on the basis of the foundation in existence.

  Departments and Institutes in College of Education 





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